Christmas Book Advent

Hi friends. Happy Monday!

I’ve already had a few friends ask me if I’m going to be offering a Christmas book advent again this year, and the answer is YES! This is one of my favorite holiday traditions… and since it’s one I get to share it with others I love it even more!

Here is how it works.. first choose whether you’d like to do a 12 day or 24 day advent. From there, there are 3 different ways to do the book advent.

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Mama Burnout: How I Take A Few Moments Out Of The Day For A Quick Refresh

I know I’m not the only mom out there that experiences burnout. During the school year, the struggle is real. Especially when my husband is away on business and being stationed so far away from family, there isn’t much help around. Here are a few ways I’ve found that help me when I’m feeling like I need a break.

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What We Are Currently Reading

We are a house FULL of book lovers.  I love seeing what others are reading, and I love sharing our reads, too!  Here is what we are currently reading in our home:


Current reads for our 2 year old:

She is LOVING this All Better book.  It has reusable sticker bandaids to put on the different animal’s boo-boos.  She loves bandaging them up and kissing them all better.  She also really enjoys this Rubber Stamp Backyard Activities book.  She asks for it multiple times a day and she is learning motor skills, shapes, colors, and animals from this book. It’s great!


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Our 11 year old:

Is anyone else’s little one still stuck on Shark Week mode?  My 11 year old son LOVES all things Sharks, so this True Stories Of Surival book about a shark attack is one of his favorites to read and reread right now.  He also really enjoys writing, so this Creative Writing book.  It has tons of great tips, writing prompts, and activites to encourage writing in a fun way.


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Our 13 year old:

He is my (not so)little sponge. He loves all things STEM and like to know everything about everything, so he loves this Stories Of Inventions book.  It goes over all kinds of inventions from the toilet to the television to chocolate bars and explains how they were invented.  He also loves this Coding book.  He has used it to build a little computer out of a shoe box!



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My Reads:

I’ve been going through this Armor of God study from Priscilla Shirer with my ladies’ Bible study group.  It is am amazing study and definitely on the top of my list of favorite Bible studies. I highly recommend it.



What are you and your family currently reading?  Leave me a comment and let me know!!



(disclaimer: by clicking on the links provided on my blog, while it wont cost you anything extra, my family does receive a small stipend or referral. This has no influence on any recommendation, though!)

What’s Happening In Our Homeschool

The past several weeks have been particularly busy around our home.  We are getting back into the groove with homeschooling after a few weeks of summer break.  We school year-round and take a few shorter breaks instead of a long summer break.  I feel like this help keep my kiddos from the “summer slide” and keeps their minds fresh.

This is our last week of our Sonlight core we bought last year.  It feels like such an accomplishment to finish the entire curriculum.  We started it in October of last year, so we made pretty good time, too!

As far as me, I’m burnt out.  Dad has been TDY (that’s military for on a business trip) for a few weeks and our schedule has been busy and I haven’t gotten a break in several months.  I’m hanging in there until he gets back, but I’m having a hard time keeping all of the balls in the air right now.  To top it off, I went back to school a couple of weeks ago, so there is a WHOLE LOT of learning happening in this house right now.

I hope you’re all doing well and getting into the swing of back to school.  Do you have anything exciting happening this time of year?  Are you starting anything interesting this school year?  Comment below and let me know!

Choosing The Right Homeschool Curriculum For Your Student And Your Family

We’re coming to the end of our first year of homeschool!

(I pulled my kiddos from public school in early November. We had a later start, so we had a later finish.)

Looking back to the start of our journey, one of the most daunting tasks (at least from my experience) was finding the curriculum that is the right fit for both my children and my family.  The good news is that now-a-days, there are so many options.  The bad news is that now-a-days there are SO. MANY. OPTIONS!  There are numerous different “types” of homeschool, too.  Charlotte Mason, Eclectic, Unschooling, Classical, Waldorf… the list goes on and on.  I’m not going to get into all of the “types” of homeschooling on this post, though; I’m just going to stick to the basics of how we chose our curriculum.

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Our Middle School Curriculum Choices for 2017-2018 And Curriculum Reviews

Earlier this school year, after my husband and I decided that we were definitely withdrawing our children from public school, I was researching homeschool curriculum and had such a hard time finding information about middle school and high school options.  There is so much information out there for preschooler, kindergarten, and elementary school ages, but there isn’t a whole lot about the middle and upper level grades.  I’d like to share with you our curriculum choices for our 7th grader in hope it may help other mamas out there that are in the same boat I was in just a few short months ago.

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Homeschooling – How We Got Started

When many moms (and dads, too) consider homeschooling and start to research it, it can feel really overwhelming.  I definitely felt like it was an arduous beast to tackle.  My husband and I never planned or even thought about homeschooling.  We aren’t one of those families that knew from their child’s conception that they would be the educators of their little one from birth until they left the house.  Actually, I never even thought I would ever, could ever, homeschool.


So how did we get on this journey?

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Welcome To Our Heartfilled Home

Hey y’all!  Welcome to my blog.

Just a little background information about me and my family:  I am a military wife of 13 years and a homeschooling mama to 3. Things stay really busy, pretty crazy, and very fun around here.

I’m glad you’re here and I hope this look into our lives, home, and journey through home education and the military life will bring you encouragement and laughter.