Homeschooling – How We Got Started

When many moms (and dads, too) consider homeschooling and start to research it, it can feel really overwhelming.  I definitely felt like it was an arduous beast to tackle.  My husband and I never planned or even thought about homeschooling.  We aren’t one of those families that knew from their child’s conception that they would be the educators of their little one from birth until they left the house.  Actually, I never even thought I would ever, could ever, homeschool.


So how did we get on this journey?

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Welcome To Our Heartfilled Home

Hey y’all!  Welcome to my blog.

Just a little background information about me and my family:  I am a military wife of 13 years and a homeschooling mama to 3. Things stay really busy, pretty crazy, and very fun around here.

I’m glad you’re here and I hope this look into our lives, home, and journey through home education and the military life will bring you encouragement and laughter.